Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Day Two-Hundred Thirty-Four: Go Texans

A lot of people think that hockey is the only sport I care about, and that's simply not true. While we are a mere week from NHL training camps, and while that is terribly exciting, it's important to remember that the Texans kick off their first playoff-bound season in just a couple of short weeks. (I know Robbie is excited; he asked me if we could watch football tonight. Sadly, I had to tell him there was no football to watch)

Now, I know our pre-season has wavered between underwhelming and embarrassing, but hey, folks, it IS pre-season. And we've had several starters who still have not played. And one who hasn't even signed, I think. And it isn't as though they've done nothing right this pre-season, either.

Remember, the Lions had a great pre-season last year, right? And how'd that work out for them? Oh, right...

Look, I'm not saying we're a perfect team, or even a great team, nor that we'll necessarily get out of the first round, but I think this is the first time we've had a legitimate shot at the post-season. Now, if Shaub goes down for 5 games yet again this year, we may be sunk. (Unless he misses November; we'll probably lose most of those games anyway) And, despite all our early defensive picks, we still don't have that dominant defense the team so desperately wants. However, we have got quite a bit of talented-if-unspectactular players mixed in with some truly spectacular ones, and given a much friendlier schedule than last year (barring another hurricane forcing us to play our first 4 on the road again), this should be a good year to be a Texans fan.

Then again, the last time folks both in Houston and around the sports world were this enthusiastic about the Texans' playoff chances, the team went 2-14.

In honor of football season: