Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Day Two-Hundred Forty-Seven: Whoops

So, I wrote this play, and now I'm in it, and now I'm in rehearsals for it. And I'm not sure if I like it.

Quotes from today's rehearsals (and they're likely only funny if you were there) :

"Yes. Yes, I'm pivoting."

"This reminds me of when I was picking up dead chickens and a foot fell off."

"Smith. Her last name is Smith."

"Hey, Kat, do me a favor. Punch me."
"Okay, now for real."
"But I don't want to."
"I know, but it'll be okay."
*better punch*
"All right, good. Do that."
"And if it'll help you feel better, I can punch you sometimes."

"The boys are showing off."
"Hey! Leah started it!"

"I don't really understand why she likes to play with him."

"The situation has grown dire!"