Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day Two-Hundred Thirty-Five: Blogging: It's what families do.

I don't think I've ever taken enough time here to tell you all how in awe I am of my wife.

She works full-time, usually taking the kid to his day care in the morning and picking him up on the way home. She teaches an AWANA class on Sunday nights at church and she and I make it to choir practice once a week (as much as possible). She also makes out the grocery list every other week and always spends exactly what she budgeted to spend within about five dollars. She plans out our menus at least a week in advance, sometimes two, and makes dinner for the three of us almost every single night. And I'm not talking stick-a-frozen-pizza-in-the-oven, either. She MAKES dinner, either from scratch of from meat that she cooked in bulk and froze so that she could simply pull it out and reheat it when she knew a long work day was on the horizon.

Wow. Reading over that, I wonder what exactly it is that I do around here.

Anyway, if you're either a normal person or a strange person, chances are you are shaking your head and asking yourself, "Man, how does she do it?" Well, she's going to tell you.

Behold, the latest in the our little family of family blogs, A Banana In My Laundry. Kim'll be sharing her tips for finding balance when you're busy and on a budget yet trying to be as healthy as possible. And probably making fun of me. So chances are, one of those things will be appealing to you.

Just wait till Robbie's blog starts sometime next month. It's gonna be epic.