Friday, August 28, 2009

Day Two-Hundred Twenty-Nine: New music

So I got the new Skillet CD, and while I like it, it's a bit disappointing because I feel like it's a step back from their last two awesome album. It sounds a LOT like Comatose, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but there area few points on the album where a song sounds almost EXACTLY like another song from Comatose, and that bugs me just a little. Also, there are times when it just seems kinda emo-breakup album, which they have every right to do if they want to, but I felt like there was some awesome depth to Comatose (with the exception of "You're Better Than Drugs") and, even more so, Collide, and it's a little disappointing to hear an angsty chorus of "It's not me it's you/ Always has been you/ All the lies and stupid things you make me do are you" or "You should've when you could've/ You're gonna miss my love, girl/ You should, it would have been so good/ You should've when I would've/ Now I know I've had enough/ Better luck next time girl/ You should, it would have been so good." Really, Skillet?

Don't get me wrong, there are definitely some great songs, and I still really dig the super-orchestrated rocking out. (Yesterday I was listening to this in my office and forgot I had my CD player while I was out, so I walked back in just as a song was starting. I open the door, a moment of silence, and kick-A guitar riffs as I step into the room. That's right, I had my own intro music) You just tend to feel a little let down when one of your favorite bands brings you less than they're capable of. Especially when it's a band that already lost you for a couple of years once in their career after following up some awesome with some...less awesome.

Regardless! All is not lost, because Switchfoot's new CD is due out in November, and YouTube has got the goods one a few of the new tunes. I am really stoked about this album. Perhaps you can see why: