Thursday, August 5, 2010

v2, d136: Interruption

Thought it was terribly important to interrupt my string of features for these two announcement/observation type things.

1: Yesterday was my 500th post on WBW/FOMW.  According to, there are no words that can be formed from the letters WBWFOMW.

2: Further proof that the Internet lacks creativity (which I think fits perfectly within my Week of Features concept): My Facebook status this morning was "VIKINGS!!"  I typed that particular word thinking, "Man, I sure am tired of seeing pirates/ninjas/zombies EVERYWHERE on the Internet.  What else is there to talk about?" 

As of tonight, there are three replies.  The first is "PIRATES!"  The second is "NINJAS!"  And the kicker is "ZOMBIES!" 


Okay, we'll have a shuffle tomorrow.  I'm glad y'all like those, cuz they stress me out just a little.