Sunday, August 8, 2010

v2, d139: Science vs. Religion

Today's experiment has been postponed because I needed to pass along this "Kids are cute!" story from this afternoon. 

As we were driving home from church today, I asked Robbie what his Sunday school story was. 

"It was about King Kudnezzer's biiiiig statue," he said.  And what about the statue, I asked.  "They did not bow down to it.  And King Kudnezzer got very mad."  Oh my!  "And they did not say a prayer to it.  And the King got more mad."  So what did he do?  "He threw them in the fire!"  Oh, dear!  And what happened to them?  "They got burned!

Somewhere in either the telling or the receiving, something in the story was lost...

He did say later that there was an angel in the fire with them, and that the King got them out, and their clothes and their hair were not burned.  And that God took care of them.  So he did get it.  I think he just likes the idea of things burning. Which is kinda scary in its own right. 

Then again, I guess Holly turned out all right.