Tuesday, August 31, 2010

v2, d157: Humboldt Squid Update

The only thing more phenomenal than this headline is misreading this headline and replacing the last word with "sticks" instead of "stocks."  (I think the "giant" claim may be a tad unsubstantiated, but as longtime readers of FOMW/WBW know, these creatures are not to be taken lightly and should be reported immediately to the proper authorities) Though I have to admit, if I'm the squid, I'm pretty hacked off.  That's got to be the least intimidating picture of a Humboldt I've ever seen in print.  Now, this one here pretty much says "Evil Torpedo of Murky Death."  This one is more of a "Ghostly White Angel of Death" look.  And this says "And Now We're Coming Out of the Water to Get You."  (Or, "If Mega Man Jumped On Us, He'd Be Dead.")

Fortunately, the plan is to send out an army of robotic warriors to make the seas safe once again.  (At least, I assume this is the plan)  Unfortunately, while progress on this front is definitely being made, it's coming very, very slowly

The robot-squid war is coming.

Which begs the question: William Hanna and Joe Barbara: first anti-robot, pro-squid propagandists?  We report, you decide.

Youtube fail: A quick search for "robot vs squid" gives you nothing useful. 

Youtube win: