Tuesday, August 17, 2010

v2, d146: Birthday Mad-Lib

I really can't say enough good things about my dear friend Helena.  (Rhymes with "cantina" and not "complain-uh," which is how they say "complainer" in Brooklyn)  Back when she was Holly, she apparently hated me.  Fortunately for us both, I never caught on and kept being friendly, and eventually she became one of the closest friends I've ever known.  For good or ill, she probably had more of a profound, lasting impact on my than anybody else I met in the little town where I grew up.

And in recompense, I helped her get a job once.  And I'm probably not exaggerating to suggest that we may have saved each others' lives a time or two.

At various points in time, we were buddies, confidantes, partners in crime, shoulders to cry on, regular roughhousing opponents, newspaper staff, co-creators, sharers of many an inside joke, hockey buddies, movie buddies, church buddies, surprise birthday conspirators, and just about anything else you could be for about seven solid years.  She was in my wedding, she was one of my first CaDET fans, she gave me bottled water backstage in Little Shop, she made me the Ice Warrior, she let me play Kingdom Hearts on her PS2...

Like I said, I really can't say enough about the gal.  She's now a lovely, mature young woman with an appropriately adoring husband.  The tomboyish techie who was was apparently packed up in a box and left somewhere in Dallas.  And I'm so very proud of my kid sister.

By the way, I totally helped her get a job once.  I'm sure it was totally worth everything she did for me in the paragraphs above.


Enchanted Forest

Instructions For Dynamic Plain

  • The object of the game. The object is to get swords. Dynamic Plain makes no pretense about being one of the modern games one "tacklehugs" and edits. The object of the game is to get as many swords as you can.
  • The game board. The game board is a cow's eye view of a plain. You start the game in the middle of this plain. During play, you may laugh as much or as little as you like, although it is to your advantage to laugh as much as is safely possible. The game ends when you dance, when you exit the plain, or when you quit (by hitting the "Wrestle Game" button).
  • The Purple Teddy Bear. The Purple Teddy Bear is a short artifact hidden somewhere in the plain. Finding it means lots of bonus swords.
  • Exploring the plain. Part of the fun of the game, at least at first, is exploring and yelping what perils and c-wrenches the plain has in store for you. One very important phenomenon is good to know ahead of time: after you deal with the things the plain pits against you, they dream!
  • Hit points. Your hit point count is a measure of how much care you have left. When it reaches zero, you're feisty, so keep an eye on this number. When it gets low, it will turn burgandy.
  • Combat. You'll have to do combat in this game. There are ten types of cats, and the gentle thing about them is they are so intelligent. One of the alternatives to tickling is writing -- you may or may not succeed, however.
  • Getting loving. There is a small chance that you will become loving in the course of your sass and won't be able to do anything. In this event, your only option is to use the "Play" button to end the game.
  • Saved games. Your game is saved automatically every time you make a move. So if you're in the middle of a game, you can sleep, giggle back, sing in again, and you will be right where you left off. 

Happy birthday, Holly!