Wednesday, August 18, 2010

v2, d147: Powerade

What if Powerade actually gave you, you know, powers?

Or aid.

So, that's deep.

It's time for youtube win/youtube fail.

Youtube win: This incredibly well-done music video by English neo-post-post folksy comedy band-with-an-accordion band Pig With The Face of a Boy.  Using Tetris as a metaphor for the place of the working man throughout Soviet history?  Fairly brilliant.

Youtube fail: I searched to see if anybody had made a video that combined clips from any action-based cartoon, video game, or blockbuster flick with Michael W. Smith's Secret Ambition.  (I don't know why I wanted to search for this, but I thought it'd be the find of the week if it did in fact exist) 


However, a quick search for "Survey Says" brought us this clip, so it's not a total loss. 

What I like about this video is that it really wasn't that funny of an answer.