Friday, August 20, 2010

v2, d149: A brief note on Birthday Mad-Libs

I've noticed that, the more Birthday Mad-Libs I do, the longer they tend to get.  At first it was, "Hey, here's this person, and here's a Mad-Lib."  Then it was more, "Here's this person, here's an inside joke or how I know them, and here's a Mad-Lib."  Now, it's become, "Here's this person, and here are many, many reasons why they're awesome.  And here's a Mad-Lib."

I have to apologize to all who didn't get as much gushing before their personalized birthday Mad-Lib. I am crazy about each and every person I write a Birthday Mad-Lib for.  The concept of the feature has just sort of evolved from when I started.  I promise, I could go on and on about every person who (I am aware of) reads this blog regularly. 

Tell you what, if you feel you've been BML slighted (or if you just feel you could use some unabashed praise heaped upon you for some reason or other), come up to me sometime and ask me why I love you. Heck, I feel we (people in general) don't tell one another these sorts of things often enough anyway.