Sunday, August 22, 2010

v2, d151: Danger, Will Robinson!!!

The NHL is selling Cup-clinching games on iTunes at 2 bucks a pop.

This is pretty unequivocally awesome.  Just think, if I had an iPod with better storage capacities, I could watch Ray Bourque hoist that big shiny trophy over his head wherever I happened to be when the fancy would strike me.  (And that fancy actually does strike from time to time)  Ditto the Pens' glorious 2009 nail-biter in enemy territory. Or the marathon game that ended the 1996 season and forever burned the name "Uwe Krupp" in my memory.  (I'd bring up the 2004 Tampa Bay Cup, but I've already got that on DVD)  But oh, there's more.  Both early '90s Pens Cup clinchers in their entirety.  The great Oilers teams of the '80s, the Broad Street Bullies, the dynastic Habs of the '60s and '70s.  Even video proof that yes, the Toronto Maple Leafs have won a Stanley Cup.  The hockey history nut in me is totally geeking out about this. 

And there are more than just Cup-clinchers for sale.  Playoff classics, overtime legends, rivalry games, Soviet-vs-NHL matchups.  Pens-Wings game 5 from 2008.  Bolts-Flames game 6 from 2004.

Disappointed no Miracle on Manchester, no legendary Avs-Wings playoff brawls, no Stars-Ducks 5 OT games.  But hopefully they'll add more as time goes on.

Now, two dollars doesn't sound like much, but boy can it add up quickly...spend wisely, Wordslinger...

Maybe I'll make it an end-of-the-month incentive or something.  Like, "if I write a certain number of words this month, I can buy another classic hockey game."

Okay, off to finish this droll book and go to bed.