Monday, September 13, 2010

v2, d166: Warning: System Unstable

Technically, today should have been my day off due to the extra-long Monday workday.  But I came in to work, because there was plenty I needed to do that I knew I wouldn't be able to get done the entire rest of the week.  And I had a good, productive, steady day at work.  Sometimes, the empty Monday building makes it easier to get things accomplished.  I'm good with what I was able to take care of today. 

Unfortunately, I'm paying for it.  My body is on the brink of crashing unless I get some major rest in, pronto.  This isn't a terribly unusual thing; over the past few years, I've averaged just over one "crash" like this per year.  It comes from not sleeping and lots of working, which I've been doing.  So I'm going to pull the plug and call in sick tomorrow, because I've been here enough times to know that pushing myself for one more day is probably going to lead to a total system failure.  And I've got multiple rehearsals from Wednesday through Friday and a church beach party on Saturday. 

Get your rest, kids.  Or sooner or later, your body will make you take a day off!


By the way, what a great weekend of football games!  I at least partially watched just about any game that happened to be on when I was home all weekend long.  Currently watching the Chiefs/Chargers nightcap to the season opener of MNF. It generally surprises people, but I really do love football. 

So keep that in mind when you read this.  Ryan Lambert is a very funny hockey blogger who is pretty much known for being snarky and incendiary, so if there's a way to get others riled up while making his point, he probably will.  Obviously, I don't completely agree with Lambert's conclusion...but he does make some pretty strong arguments, nonetheless.

Also, because I know most of you won't read all of that, or if you do probably won't click on the links therein, here's a really interesting report that outlines exactly how much of what is shown during NFL telecasts.  For example, in 60 minutes of clock time, there's an average of 11-13 minutes of actual football being played.  Surprisingly interesting behind-the-scenes look at what all goes in to the production of a live NFL telecast.