Tuesday, September 28, 2010

v2, d178: Ostrich Crossing

Why did the ostrich cross the road? 

Because it wanted to eat a car, clearly.

I dunno what exactly is going on here.  For all I know, those folks are still sitting there, in their car, as the two ostriches slowly work their way through the vehicle's exterior layer, through the metal framing of the car, until they're finally atop the terrified tourists. 

More likely, they got bored and left.

Speaking of leaving, it's time for another little bloggy break.  I know, I know, I already did that once.  And I lost some loyal readers during the lapse while I was finishing up both Alice and Foxes at the same time.  But the truth is, there's a LOT on my plate right now.  Again. At least mentally.  And I can't focus on important things like Random Nintendo Games of the Month when I'm dealing with...well, life.  Everything is demanding a lot right now; work, church, family, my own walk with God, and yes, even my writing.  So, I gots to get my house in order, both literally and metaphorically.  And I've got to get some rest.

Hopefully I'll be back soon.  May only be a week or so before things all settle down again.  You never can tell.  But I'll be back.  Because what self-respecting comic book ever quit before reaching at least 300 issues? ;-)