Tuesday, September 14, 2010

v2, d167: In Which I Come to the Conclusion that I Don't Really Need More TV

Thanks to Tarvis, here's a glimpse of what my blog looks like in graph form!  I know you've always been curious.


I recently (and by recently I think I mean "months ago") went to go hang out with the guys for an evening.  These evenings generally consist of some combination of fast food, comic book discussions, video game discussions, actual video games, actual comic books, small talk, talk about women, explode-y movies, theology, and other.  I brought along a library book as a bit of a sight gag and said, "See, look guys!  Now you can talk about Dr. Who and not have to worry about me being bored!"  (The previous week, due to a severe lack of sleep, I actually dozed off at some point during the Dr. Who discussion, much to my embarrassment)  I'm fairly sure the joke had the opposite effect, unfortunately, and I probably offended both. However, they still hang out with me, and I'm usually broke, so I know it's not just for the money, so I imagine we're good.

Nevertheless!  My point is that it's been YEARS since I've been "into" a TV show that a large contingent of my friends were also into.  For a while, a few of us shared Heroes, and on occasion I can riff with somebody about Chuck (which is more my wife's show than mine), but in general, I'm totally missing out on everything.  In fact, if you look on any of those "My Interests" sections of most social network type website, I either leave "Favorite TV Shows" blank or else put something like "NHL Hockey, NFL football, other sports, sometimes Survivor."  (Usually not Survivor lately)  I just don't get into TV shows like I used to. 

And you know what?  I just today realized that I'm okay with that.  I completely missed out on LOST.  I'm aware that it may be the most brilliant thing that has ever come to the airwaves in prime time.  I only caught Battlestar Galactica when Kevin was watching the BSG marathon in our hotel room in Indiana.  And I really do believe it was probably the coolest cable series of the past ten years.  I also realize it makes me a bad geek for not getting into it.  I also missed 24.  And Pushing Daisies.  And I probably won't get into V.  Or just about anything else anybody has told me that I would get addicted to in the past five years. 

And....IT'S OKAY!!!

You can't understand what a relief this revelation has been to me!  To be honest, I've always felt a little bad for not taking up every recommendation I've had.  And, yes, there have been times when I've felt left out because I can't hold up in a particular conversation.  (This was especially bad my first year at work, where literally every conversation on a Wednesday or Thursday was LOST-related)  But the truth is, when I lay down at the end of the night, I'm still satisfied!  There's not a LOST-sized hole in my existence.  The fact that I don't know what all the So You Think You Can Dance hullabaloo is about really doesn't phase me too much when all is said and done.  I'm living a fulfilling life...without regular television programming! 

You could argue that the only reason I don't miss it is because I don't realize what I'm missing out on.  Well, that may be true, but the fact remains that I don't miss it! 

Part of this is because I have books now.  And I'd generally rather read that watch.  Or, I have some PS2 games I still like to go back to when I want to veg out.  I've got dishes or laundry to try to keep on top of and (now) 1.5 jobs to do.  Plus, there's family and (when the Good Lord allows it) friends, who are WAY more interesting than epic television dramas. 

I'm a busy guy!!!

Television has long been recognized as the greatest propaganda machine on the market today.  (Internet is close, but people will click away from something on the computer that they'll sit and watch for thirty to sixty seconds on the Tube)  Commercials are always telling us we need something we don't need.  Then, shows and movies basically became longer versions of commercials.  But the biggest thing TV has sold me over the years has been...TV!  I should watch that thing, because it is there.  I should watch it more, because it is interesting, and if I am not into it than I am not cool.

Well, HA, television!  I totally figured you out!!

Okay, now I am NOT saying TV is bad, or that people who watch a lot of TV are drones, or anything like that.  It's not, and they're not.  However, I'm not much of a TV guy.  I haven't been for awhile.  It's just not somewhere I want to spend a lot of my time.  I'd rather do other stuff, yo.  So please don't feel like I'm slighting you if I don't take you up on that recommendation.  You're right, I probably would love it.  But I'm also perfectly happy without it. 

And if I fall asleep during your conversation about something I'm not into, it's not because you're boring.  It's because I'm tired.  I'll have an infant in the house soon, so you may have to get used to it.  I apologize ahead of time. 

(Oh, and for those who were concerned, I'm feeling a bit better today and am going to take my last Ambien tonight, so hopefully I'll be good to go for another ridiculously full day tomorrow)