Friday, September 24, 2010

v2d, 175: On Reading, Writing, Raining, Robbie, Reto-email, and Russo

I'm blogging during my lunch hour in the hopes that I'll have a little bit of energy this evening to devote to "real writing" again.  Lately, my lunch hours have been spent reading, which is also good.  Why can't I read and write at the same time?  One generally increases my appetite for the other.  Both pretty much consume what little free time I have these days, though, so I can't ever satisfy both appetites at once. 

It's thunderstorming outside.  I love thunderstorms. We don't get a lot of what I'd call "real" thunderstorms in Houston.  I guess growing up in Tornado Alley spoiled me a bit in that respect.  It's like living in Maine and then trying to eat lobster in Missouri.  Just not right.  Incidentally, not many people know where Tornado Alley is.  I once had a Strat hockey team that I named the Tornado Alley Titans.  The rest of the guys in the league pretty much thought I had made it up.  Of course, most of them were from Canada.  Not that Canadians are dumb (after all, I am one sorta), but there's no reason why they should be familiar with geographical nicknames on American locales. 

The guy who had a team in Hamilton, Ontario named his team the Hurricanes.  Alliteration win, common sense fail.  I'm pretty sure they don't get hurricanes in Hamilton. 

Then again, we rarely got Titans in Tornado Alley.  So there's that. 

Robbie has strep again, by the way.  Did I mention that yesterday?  Strep seems to be the only thing that three-year-olds are willing to share freely with their classmates.  I guess it's a step in the right direction.

Does everybody still have a hotmail (or better yet, a juno) account that they set up in high school with what is now an embarrassing handle which they now use as a generic "sign up" email list so all the junk mail will go there and not their "grown-up" email account, or is it just me?

Good write-up by Minnesota Wild beat-writer Mike Russo on former-Aero and current FOMW Favorite Player Josh Harding.  Story doesn't mention (or if it did, I missed it, which is possible) that the reason Harding was so stubborn about playing hurt last season was that starting goalie Nik Backstrom was already hurt and the team was in a playoff hunt. 

Here's a reminder of that amazing save the essentially ended #37's season last year: 

PS: I hate YouTube advertisements.  Happy National Punctuation Day everybody!