Friday, September 17, 2010

v2, d170: This 'N That

Still feeling a bit ill. (Note: my sickness is more exhaustion than virus/bacteria) Went to the pastor's house for a staff cookout today.  Got there a little over an hour late because work ran late and then Kim was in no condition to cook after an afternoon of grocery shopping, so I stayed here long enough to unload the car and put away the dishes while cooking dinner for her and Robbie.  By the time I got to the cookout, they had eaten and not saved any.  Man law: you get to the table while the food is still there, or you forfeit your right to the food.  Anyway, when I got there, one of the first things the pastor said to me was "You sound awful."  I guess not resting has something to do with it.  I ought to sleep in tomorrow, but I promised the kid that I would play on the beach with him tomorrow, so dangit, we're playing on the beach tomorrow.

Sorry, college football, but a nap will probably be in order for the afternoon before working tomorrow night.

And Sunday afternoon (covering for a coworker who's covering for me tonight).

And for some reason, I'm back in on Worst Meeting of the Month meetings at work, which is Monday.  The following Saturday, I'm playing Pooh bear at the zoo for Bear Awareness Day.  Don't worry folks, rest is coming.  Er...someday...

The good thing about having sick-like symptoms is you don't have to feel bad when you call in sick to work because you really are sick!!

Anyway, in real news, NHL training camps opened today.  Finally.  Seems like so long ago that Patrick Kane scored the most anti-climactic overtime Cup-clinching goal in history.  Also very excited about Aeros season starting in three or so weeks.  (Here's hoping I can afford to make it to any Aeros games this season) It's pretty wide-open this year; my guess is either the Canucks or Penguins win it all.  But don't hold me to that, because I haven't done my pre-season-report research yet ;-)

Let's see, what else?

I'm thinking of writing a new fairy tale/short story.  But it might be a little...bizarre.  Also: possibly boring.  But short.  Keep an eye out on the Secret Blog.  Those who follow the Secret Blog.  So, like, Travis.  ;-)   

Oh, hey!  This was pretty funny!  Early this morning, it was reported that former Stanley-Cup winning coach (and should-be Hall-of-Famer) Pat Burns had died of cancer.  This surprised a lot of people.  Especially Pat Burns, who called a friend of his at TSN to ask him to tell the world that he "hadn't ******* died yet," despite the fact that many have had him "dead since last June."  Therefore, today's edition of the Montreal Gazette featured the headline "Pat Burns Has Not Died."  Awesome. 

Aww, they've changed it since.  Too bad...