Sunday, September 26, 2010

v2, d177: Okay, now that just sucks...

Hey, remember all that stuff I wrote about Josh Harding a couple days ago?  Sticking out halfway through last year on a bum hip, what a great guy and teammate he is, how hard he's fought to come back ready for the new year?

Russo has the latest.

I feel so bummed for Harding.  He really is one of my favorite NHL players, even if he is only a backup goaltender.  And don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled for Anton (assuming he does, in fact, nail down the roster spot).  He's a good kid and a talented goalie with a super attitude and a heck of a strong "Aw, Shucks" factor.  Of course, pretty much every member of the 2009 Aeros playoff team's going to have a special place in my hockey-loving heart.  Man, that year was fun. 

Still, I can't think of  worse guy for this to have happened to.  Good luck, #37.  The entire staff of FOMW believes in you.