Friday, November 5, 2010

v2, d200: Bullet Points

A few random thoughts at the end (?) of a long week.

--When I see my friends posting their NaNoWriMo totals each day, I get a little sad/jealous that I'm not NaNoWriMoing this year.  However, it was clearly a good decision, because I've just got too much else that's more important going on right now.

--That said, I'm enjoying working on my All Hallow's Read story.  I don't care that it'll be a week late.  It's one I've wanted to get at for a while.  I probably would have finished it tonight, but an absolute WAVE of fatigue hit me.  And not just "I'm tired" fatigue but "I'm incapable of being creative right now" fatigue.  That's the worst kind.

--The history of Bambi is a lot more interesting than you might expect.  Nazis vs. Bambi, for example. 

--Not to be confused with Bambi vs. Godzilla.  Incidentally, I'm pretty sure the first time I ever saw that clip, it was actually at the front of a Godzilla 1985 VHS tape we rented and watched at my uncle's house once.

--I've spent literally two and a half hours waiting for Facebook to upload/process two videos.  They are a combined four minutes long.  Awesome.

--Only one week left of Winnie the Pooh after tomorrow.  Shows next Thursday, Friday, and Saturday morning (and Friday night).  I've enjoyed the show, but I'll be ready for it to be done.  Now, will I be ready for a month-long blitz of The Littlest Angel?  This has yet to be seen...

--The Octo-bows are up at Highland Village.  Also, the palm trees glow after dark and there are Christmas trees up around the entrances to the little shopping center at Richmond and 610.  While I personally don't believe in putting up Christmas decorations at home or breaking out the Christmas music until everyone's awake from their Thanksgiving nap, I have to admit it's kind of nice seeing some of the seasonal signs up on the way home from work.

--I'm reading a book of really obscure fairy tales from around the world.  If you're ever given the opportunity to read a story called The Goblin Pony, take it from me: it's not as cool as it sounds. 

--Good night.