Friday, November 12, 2010

v2, d206: Update

I was thinking of not posting today on account of today TOTALLY wiping me out, but then I realized some of you out there might be anxious for an update on yesterday's adventure, so here it is:

Not a whole lot to report.  Kim took it easy today.  We're gradually working her back up toward a "normal" day and trying to figure out ways that she can somehow take it even easier than she has been the past few months.  Tomorrow, she's planning on doing some cooking and lying down to watch movies with Robbie while I'm doing the final Pooh show, and then I'll start picking up the slack in the afternoon. 

In the meantime, I felt much better today, but I sounded a lot worse.  By the end of my third performance (Pooh in the morning, full run of Angel in the afternoon, and more Pooh tonight), my voice was pretty much gone.  I'd appreciate a quick prayer that it'll hold out for one more show.  Then, I can crash briefly.  I'm told living crash-to-crash isn't healthy, so I've put in a request for a little extra time off at Thanksgiving.  We'll see how that goes. 

Thanks for your love and support, everybody.  These are rough times, but we've seen rougher, and God has shown Himself to be bigger than our circumstances multiple times these past few years.