Monday, November 22, 2010

v2, d214: Checkin' In

You have to eat the bananas pretty soon, because they go bad really fast.

It's like life.

Today was good!  Has Thanksgiving meal at church following service today.  I kinda miss the Asian American Church that used to meet in our side chapel.  They usually brought steamed rice and shrimp for Thanksgiving.  Not that there's any shortage of yummy things at church Thanksgiving, but still.  They were missed.

It's impossible to explain "restraint" or "stomach aches" to a three-year-old who has stumbled across a room with four dessert tables.

After lunch, I decided to take a much-needed nap rather than catch the last half of the Texans game.  You know what's sad?  I just can't bring myself to care right now.  And it's amazing how many other die-hard Texan fans I've spoken to recently who share the exact same sentiment.

The nap, incidentally, was wonderful.

I really dig being at church for the full AWANA night.  This is the first year I've done that (because this is the first year we've been down to one car).  Good choice.  Also get lots of important information, since most of the people I need to talk to for my church job are also there Sunday nights.  Some good conversations.  Good hot dogs, too.

For the last few months, I've been making up bedtime stories for Robbie about a couple of bears that live in the zoo.  Their names are Harry and Scary.  Or is it Hairy and Scary?  I haven't decided.  "Harry" is an actual name, so my first inclination is to use "Harry Bear."  However, the rhyming "Scary" has to be spelled as the adjective, since there's no alternate spelling commonly used as a first name.  So do I go with "Hairy" for consistency in the adjectives-as-names theme or "Harry" because it makes more sense? 

I don't know that this is important unless I decide to actually write out these stories at some point.  Then again, an actual Harry/Hairy and Scary book might make for an awesome Christmas present.

Anybody want to draw a children's book for one kid for me and not get paid for it?  Yeah...maybe not...