Thursday, November 11, 2010

v2, d205: Surprise!

Man.  I'm getting tired of writing this type of blog.

Surprise visit to the hospital today.  Kim was having some severe pains whenever she tried to, well, move, and there were some contractions happening as well. (We're at 23 weeks) So we waited for the doctor to call us back to see if we needed to go in to the hospital.  Robbie didn't understand why we weren't going to school and started getting kind of mopey.  Finally, we decided I'd take Robbie to school and go do the show this morning while Kim got a ride to the hospital with good friend Neighbor Sarah, and I'd come by after the show if I was needed.

Now, I'm already feeling pretty awful, so I wasn't looking too forward to doing the show this morning anyway, and spending the first two hours of my day running around the house for both Kim and Robbie had me pretty frazzled.  (Note: I'm not complaining.  I'm aware Kim had it much worse than I did this morning)  Eventually, the doctor called back and Kim and Sarah went to the hospital.  After lunch, I skipped out of my afternoon rehearsal and went to relieve Sarah and see my wife.  After three terbutaline shots (not pleasant, I promise you) and an hour or two of observation (plus a test or two), the doctor decided Kim could come home and rest the remainder of the day.  No prescribed bed rest, just lots of rest and water until she feels 100% again.  As of tonight, she still feels about 35% (with the other 65% being either "pain" or "fatigue") so she'll be home again tomorrow.

For those who weren't around, about three and a half years ago, Kim started going into labor at about 28 weeks--11 weeks early.  We went in to the hospital to get it looked at, and they hooked her up to an IV and had her flat on her back in a hospital room for five weeks.  So you can guess where both our minds went when this started this morning.  We're trying not to be afraid, but also realizing we have to start seriously considering emergency plans in case something like that does happen again.  Which means certain major life changes I thought I could pursue are probably going to have to be put off until after this baby comes, among other things.

For tonight, though, not a lot I can do about it.  Going to go smash some Heartless and get to bed before midnight.  Who knows what tomorrow's going to bring?