Friday, November 19, 2010

v2, d212: Palindrome Day

Since 212 is somewhat of a palindromic number, I decided today can be Palindrome Day. 

What's your favorite palindrome???

Here are a few I'd never seen before to whet your appetite:

Rats live on no evil star
Was it Eliot's toilet I saw?
Satan, oscillate my metallic sonatas!
Doc note: I dissent. A fast never prevents fatness. I diet on cod.

I'm amazed at how many palindromes have religious connotation!

Do geese see God?
Dennis sinned.
Ah, Satan sees Natasha.

Run, Natasha!  Run!!!

More Palindrome Fun can be found HERE!

Enjoy your day, ya dru oy yoj Ne!!
(Making up palindromes is harder than making up haiku)