Wednesday, May 18, 2011

v2, d341: Wallmaster

This afternoon I had an hour-long scene study session with the boss on the schedule for 2:00.  I don't get to keep the car anymore during the day, so I had to walk. It's about a twenty minute walk from one workplace to the other and I wanted to stop at River Oaks Coffee for, well, a coffee, so I left at about 1:15.  At 1:43 (about half a block away from the theater) I see my boss' car pull out of the parking lot.  She passes me.  She waves.  I wave.  At the same instant, we get identical confused glances as we pass by one another.  I walk the rest of the way to the theater where the boss' secretary apologizes for never confirming whether the scene study would be at the theater or the rehearsal space.  She then puts me in her car and drives me right back to where I started from.

In the original Legend of Zelda game, there were these monstrous hands that came out of the walls in the next-to-last room of the first dungeon.  If one of them touched you, it dragged you back into the wall and you suddenly appeared back at the dungeon's main entrance.  This was kinda like that.