Thursday, May 19, 2011

v2, d342: Nothing Left to Say

If you've ever watched a baseball game on television all the way though, you'll notice the guys in the broadcast booth are really struggling to find interesting things to talk about by about the seventh inning. There are occasionally prolonged periods of silence between pitches.  Cameras start showing (and going back to) cute or interesting people sitting in the stands.  Somebody tries to remember something interesting they heard from somebody else when they interviewed them "a while ago."  It's a long game and a long season, and somewhere between the fresh start of the game and the thrilling conclusion there's always a lull at some point.  (This happens in other sports as well, but due to the start-and-stop nature of baseball I've noticed it most often during MLB broadcasts)  What's even better are when the guys in the booth get caught in an awkward moment and try to run with it anyway.  

Also, I'm having lunch at a country club tomorrow.  Crazy.