Tuesday, May 10, 2011

v2, d334: Magic Spit-Up

I have to admit that I found it difficult to focus all afternoon knowing that the Aeros were playing a game seven in Milwaukee tonight.  Win, and we move on to the Western Conference Final for the second time in three years.  Lose, and it's all over. And I realized as morning turned to noon: I didn't want it to be over!  I actually lost some of my appetite around dinner time because I was so wrapped up worrying about this game. 

Now, longtime readers of this blog will know that I am not above the occasional ridiculous sports superstition.  The night of Game Five, I wore my Aeros vs. Admirals 2009 Division Finals T-shirt for luck, and the Aeros pulled out an improbable comeback for an OT win.  Game Six, no shirt, no W.  So when I was looking for something to change into after work and my 2009 shirt was clean, it was really no contest.  I pulled on the shirt and turned on the radio broadcast for the game.

About this time, Kim was finishing up dinner, so it was left to me to keep the baby entertained.  I had him on my left shoulder, resting his head against my chest, when suddenly the baby spewed all over the lucky shirt.  (This is less disgusting than you might think; you just sorta get used to it as a parent)  I calmly pulled him back to survey the damage and discovered that my boy had managed to aim the entirety of his substantial upheaval on the Milwaukee Admirals side of my shirt. 

I was a proud papa. 

Result?  One heck of a thrilling game seven that ends with a 4-2 Aeros win.  We play on, with home ice throughout the rest of the playoffs.  Unfortunately, I don't own anything with the Bulldogs', Checkers', or Senators' logos, so we won't be able to recapture this particular magic.  But if it's needed, I'm sure I'll figure something out :-)