Friday, May 22, 2009

Day One-Hundred Thirty-One: Magic Pizza

Dave Barry would file this under "Why We Love Guys".

Have I told you the story behind the magic shirt? Basically, during the first round of the AHL Playoffs, Dave and I were at that awesome game where the Aeros came back from down 2-0 with five minutes to go before winning it in overtime. After the second intermission, Dave asked if it was time for the Magic Shirt. I slowly turned my head and asked, "Do you...have...a magic shirt?" Then, without another word, Dave starts to take off his work polo and reveals the black and silver Superman shirt underneath. (Which then began an entertaining conversation on whether or not Dave always wears Superman shirts to work underneath his regular work shirts...he doesn't, by the way)

Then, of course, Aeros score twice, win in overtime, and the Legend of the Magic Shirt begins.

You gotta be careful with these things, however. During the Milwaukee series, Dave bought me a Aeros/Admirals shirt as a late birthday present, and he and Tarvis decided it could be a second magic shirt in case the first needed some help. Well, in the third period that night, the Aeros blew their lead and suddenly found themselves tied. Tarvis turned and asked if it were time for the OTHER magic shirt. I, however, wanted to give the Superman shirt a chance to redeem itself. If we fell behind, I told myself, then my magic shirt would come out as well.

The Aeros didn't need my magic, though, and won that game by a 2-1 score.

A few nights later, I listened to a road game while wearing my Aeros/Ads shirt. We got killed! Imagine what may have happened had I tried it on at the game I was watching live!!! (Needless to say, I haven't worn that shirt on a game day since)

This brings us to tonight. Dave went to the game with his dad while Tarvis and I (noticing a trend in personnel in these magic stories?) worked at the theater. I got off work when the show started, and as I drove home I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Aeros led 2-0 after the first period. As I drove, the home team took a 3-0 lead that carried them into the third. Even the third was going our way, despite an early Moose goal to cut the lead to two. Then, with about 21 seconds to go, everything fell apart, and suddenly we were going to overtime. I listened to the entire first overtime at my place while I waited on Tarvis to get off work so we could do some of our weekly junk food/Mario Kart adult-type mature socializing. As the first OT drove to a close, I drove to Casa de A. D. Players Interns while Tarvis cooked a pizza that we had been saving occasion, really. The first OT ended as I pulled up to his door.

"You're right on time," he said as he opened the door, "the pizza is almost ready."

"All right," I said as I purposefully strode through the doorway, all business. "We are going to dub this the magic double-overtime pizza, and see what that does." So we did. Our frozen DiGiorno triple-meat goodness became the magic double overtime pizza as I pulled up the broadcast on his computer. Mario Kart was going to have to wait.

Sounded like the second OT was really fast-paced and back-and-forth, as the first had been. However, the league-leading Manitoba Moose were no match for the combined power of Dave's Magic Shirt, the Magic Double-Overtime Pizza, and Tony Hrkac.

I frickin' love Tony Hrkac right now, by the way.

Aeros win, 4-3. Series is headed BACK to Winnipeg, where there will hopefully be no more double-overtime games, because we finished off our magic pizza stock.