Sunday, May 24, 2009

Day One-Hundred Thirty-Three: Not prime

One-hundred thirty-three is NOT a prime number, in case you were curious. When you consider that one-hundred forty is divisible by seven, and it's also seven more than one thirty-three, then it should be obvious.

Speaking of not-prime, I am not in prime physical condition, nor have I been for several days. It's been really weird, because my symptoms change daily, sometimes even twice a day. The one consistent thing has been that I haven't had a temperature. (Well, not one over normal, that is) Extra sleep hasn't shaken it yet, extra vitamins haven't done it yet, and my stress level is pretty low.

It's bizarre.

Happy Memorial Day, folks. Go Aeros, win Game Six. I'm thinking about hosting a listening party at my place. Eh. Or go to someone else's place and let them host a listening party. ;-)