Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day One-Hundred Thirty-Six: Family Fun

Going to go ahead and blog while I've got a slow moment in the work day so that I can possibly get to bed early tonight. (Why must Internet keep me awake and night yet lull me to sleep during the day? How does that work???)

I've had some really fun time with my family over the past few days. It feels like it's been quite a while since the three of us were able to go out and do anything, so Kim and I made a concerted effort to get that done with the extra-long weekend. We went to the library and to Target on Saturday. Robbie absolutely loves the library, which is kind of funny to me because he doesn't want to sit still long enough to actually read any of the books while we're there. He likes to look at the different book covers, turn the rotating book shelves, and run around the aisles searching for Mommy. We usually try to get a book for him while we're there (this week we got Corduroy and A Button for Corduroy, and he really loves to sit and read them with us, despite the fact that they're recommended for ages 3-8), and the entire concept of the library is mind-blowing to the child (as he once said "Go library, get a book, bringin home...awesome!"), he just seems more excited about being there than about any particular thing or activity that is actually there. Either way, with both of us there we got to take turns looking for something to read while the other chased him around the fiction section.

Our library wing is closing down for the summer for renovations, so this may be our last family library trip for awhile, but it was nice.

Monday we went to a little playground near our apartment for our Memorial Day picnic. Kim packed some sandwiches, chips, and fruit, though neither of our fruits were very good. Robbie ate a couple of chips, but sitting down to eat when there was a large grassy field and a playground full of slides, a wonky bridge, and random steering wheels nearby was clearly not his idea of the best way to spend the lunch hour. We ventured briefly into some of the more exotic elements of the playground--an attempt on the see-saw, a moment in one of the swings--but as soon as his feet left the ground in each instance, Robbie's face took on a very adult and concerned look, and he said simply, "No." It appears the roller coaster days are far, far, FAR in the future.

Last night, we went to the Chik-Fil-A by our old apartment for a KSBJ Brown Bag concert. I can't tell you who was there. Some girl. The new really popular for-teen-girls girl. She wasn't bad. We had to stand in a crowded Chik-Fil-A for half an hour (when I say "crowded," think "fire hazard") beforehand, but that was nice because at least it was air conditioned. Robbie doesn't usually like crowds, but there were two very loud undergrad youth ministry students (my guess, anyway) singing church camp praise choruses at the top of their lungs for nearly fifteen minutes. "GIVE ME OIL IN MY LAMP, KEEP ME BURNIN BURNIN BURNING, GIVE ME OIL IN MY LAMP, I PRAY, HALLELUJAH!" Et cetera. It made it very hard to hear what the poor girl at the counter was trying to convey to those of us who were waiting so very patiently for our orders. However, the singing DID lead to enough distraction that Robbie didn't start fussing until it was almost time to go back outside anyway. He was actually clapping along for the most part, which also led to all the young women around Kim to comment on how cute it was, and how good his rhythm was, and all that. So, the obnoxious loud singing guys really did end up making it a better experience through their joyful noise.

During the concert, Kim sat and ate as I went around and watched Robbie play in the rock pit beside the bank parking lot. It was interesting how he'd grab two hands full of rocks and throw them on the pavement then go back and pick them all up, one by one, and place them back in the rock pit. The only time he'd stop would be at the end of each song, when he's stand up straight, clap his hands, and shout "YAY"!

Lots of great time over the past four days with the wife and child. You honestly don't even realize you're missing game four between the Canes and Pens ;-)