Saturday, May 9, 2009

Day One-Hundred Eighteen: Octopus

You know what would be fun? It would be fun if we invented our own form of poetry.

Creating new forms of poetry is fun and easy! Here, I'll show you how it's done, and then later this week, we'll do one where anybody who wants to drop a comment can add a new rule, and we'll see what we come up with.

My creation: Octopus poetry.

The poem will have eight lines with eight syllables per line.
The first seven lines will begin with a letter from the word "Octopus," forming acrostic poem for lines one through seven.
The last line can begin with any letter the poet desires, given that the chosen letter does NOT appear in the word "octopus."
The poem may have any subject matter the poet desires, so long as there is a logical consistency to it.

And voila! I've created a new poetic form!

Now I suppose I'd better write me an Octopus poem to prove it can be done.

"Silver Lining"
an Octopus poem

Onward they march t'ward their wat'ry
Cars, spurred on not by dread, but by
The ping of hope that comes with each
Outstanding survival story
Pertaining to one more day of
Unrelenting rain dumped on the
Streets of Houston. Cars abandoned,
Insurance claims are forthcoming.

See? How easy was that??? Here, I'll write another:

"Geno Shoots, Pens Win"
an octopus poem

Overtime victory for the
Captain, Sid the Kid, as his friends,
The mighty arctic birds, o'ercome
Ovechkin, (Russian for "T.O."),
Placing the good guys with the true
Upper-hand. A three-games-to-two
Series advantage. Steel City
Hopes for a game-six win Monday.

Now you try! Write your own octopus poetry to share with everyone! Whoever comes up with the best poem wins a real live octopus!

All right, so that last sentence isn't true at all. So sue me. Actually, don't sue me.