Friday, May 1, 2009

Day One-Hundred Ten: Robbie's Sick

Robbie came home sick from day school today. I'm pretty sure it's just a stomach bug, because he's been perfectly happy and playful and cheerful and adorable all day/night long with the only unpleasantness being his propensity for vomiting almost everything he eats or drinks. We'd appreciate your prayer, first for his health, and second that we can stay healthy, too.

(And please, no swine flu jokes. Remember that the first U.S. death was an infant Robbie's age in Houston. I think a swine flu joke would be pretty tasteless just now)

One day, when Robbie's won his first Stanley Cup, somebody will dig out this old blog post and try to use it to embarrass him. Well, I suppose once you've won the Cup, you're in such a great mood that it doesn't who's trying to embarrass you.

Speaking of, Wings beat the Ducks and the Bruins beat the Canes tonight. Both lead 1 game to 0.