Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day One-Hundred Twenty-Two: Awesomeness tonight

I had tonight's blog post all worked out in my mind.

I knew what youtube video I was going to link to, I knew what childhood memory I was going to evoke, I knew what I wanted to say, and I knew how to tie it all together.

It was going to be a farewell post to whichever of my (still active) teams, the Penguins or the Aeros, lost their deciding game seven on the road tonight.

Pittsburgh 6, Washington 2
Houston 5, Milwaukee 2

Well, crap. Guess we'll have to hold off on that post for at least another week. ;-)

(Look for the last Lest I Forget to come up soon; I still want to do our own 'create-your-own-poetry-style' joint effort, but the response to the octopus poetry was slightly less than I'd imagined, so I may want to tinker with the idea a bit first. Also, toying with the idea of posting some fiction on here at some point.

What do y'all think?)