Monday, May 18, 2009

Day One-Hundred Twenty-Seven: Off

Today was a nice day off. I got in late last night from Dave's, then woke up relatively early to read Robbie's Tiny Bear Bible (to him, that is, not just for fun) while Kim finished getting ready for work. They left, and I went back to bed to finish up a decent night of sleep. (So I should be good for the next two weeks, right?) Then, a leisurely check-of-the-email and lunch before running a couple of errands. Not really sure what I did until Kim and Robbie got home, then took Robbie outside for about half an hour to play while Kim made a fantastic, simple, good-old-boy type of dinner. I love those. I love her, actually. Though not in the same way I love the dinners.


Got to watch the Pens win game one and listen to the Aeros lose game three. (Desperately hoping for a non-sweep; going to try to go into Wednesday's game and just enjoy it for what it is rather than view it as an attempt to delay the inevitable)

So yes, a nice day off. I think I'm close to starting work on my next play. It's been rolling around in my head since I started writing plays four years ago, and I think enough things have fallen together that it would be okay to take a stab at it. I don't know that we'd ever do it at the Players, which has probably been my biggest hurdle in the past, but now I think I'm probably okay with that. If it's good, somebody someday might produce it somewhere, and for now that's good enough.

Looking forward to a busy work week! Rehearsals for Riddle, rehearsal for Secret Identity, booking for Secret Identity, a few shifts at our children's theater, catching the world premiere of Not-So-Super Heroes at Small Steps, a final showcase for my 2nd-3rd grade class, and whatever hijinks may occur between those events. Should be a good week!