Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day One-Hundred Twenty-Nine: Matt Beaudoin Is My Hero Tonight

And Tarvis' hero is Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Milkshake. ;-)

Long day today, but good. Up at 4:30 to leave for work at 5:00 for a 5:30 call time for a 9:30 performance at Liberty Elementary. Liberty books us every year, and it's one of my favorite events. I wasn't actually in the show, but I did write and direct it, so I wanted to lend my support. Actually met someone who knows someone I know. Second time that's happened since I moved to Houston! (!) And the world continues to get smaller.

Also had a Riddle rehearsal that can only be described as "loopy" before the awesome, awesome Aeros game tonight. I've been up for awhile! Fortunately, I did manage to get to bed at around 10:30 last night, so although I woke up every couple of hours, I'm not too far behind where I usually am at this point in the week in terms of sleep. Long day, though. Need to go to bed soon.

Tomorrow morning is the world premiere of Not-So-Super Heroes. I'm excited!