Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day One-Hundred Forty: Last Train

Finally got to see our company's production of Last Train to Nibroc last night. I usually see every show during the first week of the run, on opening night when possible, but I really wanted to see this one with Kim, so I waited for a night we could both get away. This time around, it just happened to fall on the next-to-last show of the run.

The show was pretty good; it was definitely better than I'd expected it to be. I was on the script selection team last season that chose this show, and I wasn't really thrilled about the script when I read it. (Admittedly, I also said I do see what others found enjoyable about it; it just wasn't the kind of show that suited my fancy, but that the right cast with a talented director would be able to make it work well) Having seen it, I'm still not crazy about the script--though admittedly it is one of those scripts that is far better when heard than when read, and of course I've no problem with that, since theatre is a performance-based art form--but the cast did a bang-up job, especially considering they had to do most of their own work, with very little help from an acting coach/direction standpoint.

So, the purpose of today's post is basically to give a holler out to Duder and Hatcher for their outstanding work on the show. I hope y'all enjoyed the process, because I thoroughly enjoyed the product. This may be the "in" to that Spotlighter you've both been dreaming about all your lives...