Monday, May 4, 2009

Day One-Hundred Thirteen: What Can Brown NOT Do For You? (updated)

UPS, you are on notice.

Faithful readers, if you plan to send me any packages, please do not send them via UPS.

UPS comes to my front door three work days in a row just before lunch time. Sometimes, they leave a note to say they've been there. Occasionally (like today), they just leave a sticker that says "This was our third attempt, we're shipping it back."

Fortunately, last time and this time I've managed to get online fast enough to stop them from shipping it back; however, I do have to drive about thirty minutes out of the way to pick it up from their storehouse. And this can't wait for the weekend, either. I've got 48 hours to make the pickup, or else--say it with me, kids!--they're going to ship it back!

Really? You can't leave something at the office? You can't hold something for a week so I can come pick it up the one day I'm not working? I have to miss time at work so you don't send my birthday present back to California? You can't leave something at the regular post office for pickup?

We're so done professionally, UPS.


It turns out, I can NOT change my delivery option "at this time." Well, maybe I'll get this package, and maybe I won't! Awesome!