Monday, May 30, 2011

v2, d349: "What would happen if I wrote a blog all about nothing?"

The names and release dates of the two Hobbit movies have been announced. I don't think my suggestion of naming the first film "There" and the second "Back Again" was ever even seriously considered...

I told Kim earlier this evening that I still had to prepare a Bible study for tomorrow morning.  She suggested I just use the same passage I taught to the 5th-6th graders yesterday for Sunday school, but I don't think Colossians 3:20 is going to be as applicable to this crowd.  (I didn't pick the passage; I didn't even know I was teaching it until yesterday morning.  Interestingly, I'm currently using a kids' Holman Christian Standard Bible, and that verse is actually highlighted. Only verse I've found to far that's highlighted by the publisher)

Confession: I haven't been this skeptical about a comic book movie since the first Fantastic Four.  However, I must now admit that the new X-Men movie looks really, really good.  And the press so far has been just about all positive.  If you haven't seen the theatrical trailer yet, go do that.  Now.  Yeah.  Surely somebody's gonna want to go out on Friday or Saturday night at 10ish for this one, right???

Win: This image for the Stanley Cup Final.

Hey, two weeks until an actual vacation.  That hardly seems real. 

We ordered a new laptop.  It's going to be so much better than the one I have at work that it's not even funny.  Sadly, it won't be here in time for vacation, so if I want to do any writing while on the coast (where my bedtime will seem fairly normal to the locals) I'll have to spend half of the time waiting for the work lappy to wake up and/or decide it wants to do something.  But it'll be okay, because I'll be on vacation. 

Finally: I wish I were good at photography.


On a serious note, in honor of Memorial Day, heartfelt thanks to anybody who reads this who is either serving in our military or has served in the past.  Also, gratitude to all who have family members who have served.  In a country where so much is going wrong, your sacrifice is an example of one of the bright spots we have left as a nation.