Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day Eleven: No short jokes, please

Another short entry. Hey, sometimes, that's what you get.

Heck, sometimes, that's all you DESERVE!!
*one-eyebrow raised glare of knowing disapproval*

Haven't been in to my office since Monday. Been in rehearsals every morning and tech rehearsals every afternoon, and so I've just stayed at the Rotunda (our childrens' theater) for my lunch break. It's been kind of nice to only have my show going on, but I'm a bit concerned there'll be a list of things a few miles long to get done at my other part of my job when I get back to it.

Well, we'll find out. I actually have about an hour tomorrow where I'm not scheduled to be anywhere, so as long as our acting class doesn't run long (meh......) I should at least get a good view of what needs to get done next Monday.

Blah. Still have my class on Monday afternoon to prep for...

Incidentally, I do love my job, even when it won't let me sleep :-D