Monday, January 12, 2009

Day One: 365

So here's the dealio.

I have several wonderfully creative friends who have embarked on a photographic adventure known as 365. The premise is pretty simple; you take a picture of yourself doing something different every day for one year. (Or yourself and your spouse, or your dog, or your kid, or your Wii. It's adaptable) It's serious fun to check in on what these friends think of to do each day. Kind of gives you a little something to look forward to in your late-night, can't-sleep Web surfing. (Whether or not your favorite online comic always updates on time, at least you know you have new pictures to look at on flickr!)

I've thought about doing a 365, and I may still try one with my son as the object for all the grandparents and aunts that are constantly clamoring for more visual evidence that the child is, in fact, adorable and growing. On the whole, however, I feel that my 365 is already destined to fail because, well, I'm just not that creative, nor am I very good with a camera, nor do we have a very good camera.

So I'm all, hm, what is it that I do that would be fun forced creativity that I may actually keep up with and/or not fail miserably at? And then it hit me: I can write drivel on a blog like the rest of the Internet! Score!

Here, then, we are. Day one of three-hundred sixty-five blog posts. I don't expect many (or any) of them to be terribly long. I may write a bit of a story, or I may just comment on something that's happened that day, or I just post a link to a youtube video with some snarky comment. Heck, this might be the perfect time to try out a new limerick or two! Who knows??? Call it a resolution if you like; more likely, I view it as a creative exercise, and if I manage to be mildly amusing from time to time, well, all the better.

Drop by from time to time. Leave me a note to let me know you're out there.