Saturday, January 31, 2009

Day Twenty: Super Bowl Saturday

Last year was the first year I can remember not having anywhere to watch the Big Game or anybody to watch it with. I was really bummed. Fortunately, it was such a great game that it didn't seem to matter. I had a good feeling about the Giants going in, and lo and behold they pulled it off in dramatic fashion!

This year, I actually have two parties I can go to, and I plan on splitting time between my coworkers' party and my church party. Sort of makes up for last year.

As for the heart with with the Cardinals--I really like Warner and James, and guys like Fitzgerald and Hightower are really growing on me, and I like their up-tempo style of play.

That said, the old mantra of "defense wins championships" really seems to hold true in the NFL, so I have to begrudgingly go with Pittsburgh. Hoping I'm wrong, but then if the Steelers do win their second championship in (I think) 4 years (?), I'll be fine with that. They're not a team I ever particularly root against, and I cheered for them last time they were in the Super Bowl, so I'll sleep just fine no matter who wins.

As usual, I just hope we get a great game. (Though my gut tells me this one may not be close...)