Friday, January 16, 2009

Day Five: "Sometimes you're just really cool!"

So often we get these little blessings that are completely irrelevant to the grand scheme of things, and we really wouldn't miss them if they weren't there, but we get them anyway. I use these things as a constant reminder that God cares about little things as well as huge ones, and sometimes He's not adverse to us having a little bit of fun now and again.

Today's example: I bought lunch today for the entire cast of my show (all told, about 10 people). They have been busting their tails for me for the past two weeks, and it's been the end of a particularly physically-draining couple of rehearsals, so I really wanted to do something for them to say that I appreciate their work. Because giving gifts is my "love language," this urge was bound to manifest itself in the form of food, and because pizza has always seemed like an awesome weekend food, I sprang for pizza for everyone. And it was good.

Due to the lack of sleep for the past week--which, in truth, is only half young Robert's fault, A.J. ;-)--I've been particularly worn down much of the last couple of days and was feeling the need for something fun for myself. Our local minor-league hockey team, the Aeros, was back in town after having played eight games on the road, and I though briefly this afternoon how great it would be to go to the game tonite. "But," I reminded myself, "you just sprang for pizza for ten people and bought theatre tickets for you and the wife this weekend. Probably not a good idea to spend anymore 'fun money' for awhile." And thus, with only a little amount of grumbling, I gave up the idea of catching the Aeros tonite.

About ten minutes later, I check my email and open the game-day message I subscribe to from the team. Turns out, tonite's game was picked up by the local FOX Sports station. Now, you have to understand that FOX rarely if ever televises minor-league hockey, especially in this market, and especially home games. Nevertheless, there it was.

So, while it wasn't a huge deal, it was nice to get to catch my home team playing while relaxin' in my own living room after the wife went to bed early and the boy conveniently waited until the first intermission to get sleepy.

Again, not a huge deal, but I appreciated it nonetheless. :-)