Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day Nine: The Plum Story

Every Tuesday morning, we have a company prayer and Bible study time. This morning, I arrived a bit early and was hanging around, talking to folks. At one point I was sitting on the stage eating a Kolache (and man oh man, if you don't know what those are, you are missing out) while setting my Bible, notes from yesterday's rehearsal, and a plum to the side. Then, I decide I need a second cup of coffee, so I grab my stuff and go out to the lobby.

Fast-forward about forty minutes. We've (abruptly) transitioned from our prayer time to our Bible study time, and for the first time in months our Artistic Director and founder has returned to our Tuesday morning to lead our Bible study. (Oddly, it sounded almost identical to the Bible study I led last time I led the group a couple of months ago. Crazy coincidence!)

Not long into her address (because there's usually an address before the study), I see a wadded up paper towel on the stage left side of the podium.

Here, then, is an outline of my thought process for roughly the entire Bible study period:

What's that trash on the stage?
It looks tacky.
Oh crap, I think it's mine. From my plum.
Wait a second...did I eat my plum this morning?
I think I had intended to at one point...
It doesn't
seem as if I've had plum yet today...
All right, I'm pretty sure I didn't eat my plum.
Is my plum still in that paper towel? I can't see it.
It's hard to tell if it's plum-shaped or just wadded.
Okay, I think it's still in there.
Yep. There's my plum. Sitting on a bare stage for everyone to wonder about while Mrs. George is teaching from Habakuk.
I'll have to grab it as soon as the study is over.
Dang it, now I really want that plum. It sounds really tasty.
I sure hope nobody grabs my plum before I can get to it after Bible study.
Someone's going to make a run for it. I just know it.
Okay, as soon as we're done, I'm headed
straight for that stage.
Darn it all, now I'm hungry.

Or something like that. Anyway, it was clearly a highly spiritual Bible study time for me this morning.

Oh well. As I said above, it's not like I hadn't already taught that particular lesson recently.