Friday, January 23, 2009

Day Twelve: I can almost smell the roses...

I'm spent. Need to sleep more than 5 hours tonight for the first time all week.

Need to get up in plenty of time for rehearsal tomorrow morning.

Need to finish The Dark Tower this weekend. So very close...

Actually (and this'll probably only be amusing to people who've read the series) I did notice the other day that my watch appears to be slowing down by just a few minutes every couple of days.


Anyway, The Hero Squad vs. The Princess Snatchers opens at our childrens' theatre next Tuesday night. (Technically next Wednesday morning) I think it's going really well. My cast is doing a phenomenal job, whether they realize it or not. The tech looks good, it just needs the next few run-throughs to get everything on the same page. The ticket sales are better than I had expected them to be, though they've still got quite a way to go before we'd consider them "good." Some really unique opportunities are coming up in terms of promotion. Really, I'm just looking forward to getting the childrens' reactions. Always makes the sleeplessness and all the other unpleasant things in the show-building process totally worth it.

In related news, I have to write a paragraph for Eldridge about Why the Bells Chimed for their catalogue. Now I understand why every play you read about in such catalogues sound like the best thing ever. I hadn't realized that the playwrights themselves wrote the descriptions. Words like "stunning," "original," "breathtaking," "innovative," and "touching" are frequently thrown together with reckless abandon, leaving no doubt that the play being described was, in fact, snubbed by the Pulitzer committee.

I think I should try to use all those words in the opening sentence, with a "poignant" and a "masterful" thrown in for good measure.

P.S. Definitions for "poignant": "pungently pervasive," "painfully affecting the feelings," "deeply affecting," "designed to make an impression," and "pleasurably stimulating."

The same word means "painfully affecting the feelings" and "pleasurably stimulating"???