Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day Two: So....now what?


Well here's an interesting question. What is the first step one takes after making the bold proclamation that one will post something new on one's blog every day for the next year? It's kind of a new and exciting and challenging premise, and one is liable to believe that it warrants something equally inventive and interesting in follow-up.

Truth is, one is probably too tired to process much in the way of coherent thought because one couldn't fall asleep until around two this morning, despite originally crashing in bed dead-tired before the clock had struck eleven. (At least one got a good chapter-and-a-half of Dark Tower read while trying to fall asleep) Compounding this difficulty is that one had to get up early to take the baby to the sitter because one's wife had to be at work at six this morning to run an experiment or something.

Understandably, one and one's wife are very, very tired tonite. And still dishes to do, lines to learn (Kim=you don't know your lines already? Didn't you write them? Me=Yes, but unfortunately I don't memorize as I write. Must have gotten lost at some point in the past three years of edits and rewrites), and Wal-Mart to visit. And probably a shower to take.

Not in that order, I'm sure.

The next couple of days will be run on a similar schedule. I have rehearsals every morning this week, and an afternoon rehearsal on Thursday. I may invest in some of those Homer Simpson, "Looks-like-my-eyes-are-open-but-I'm-really-sleeping" glasses and take a nap during that rehearsal.

No, I'm joking.