Friday, June 12, 2009

Day One-Hundred Fifty-Two: Magic...burrito? (Updated!!)

Okay, a quick blog during a quick lunch, because I've got a ton of important stuff to do and am having trouble focusing due to the looming Stanley Cup Championship Game tonight. One way or another, hockey season ends tonight.

Hope Rex still has that octopus.

Today, while I was in the shower, I wondered if I ought to wear my jersey to work today. Seemed kind of silly and a bit unprofessional, but it is a special occasion, after all. I had pretty much settled on not doing it by the time I finished, but when I opened the shower curtain......

There sat my #66 jersey on the bathroom floor, with the crest looking straight up at me. It had been on the couch. Had been there all week, as a matter of fact, and Robbie had left it quite alone. He ran in to say hi once or twice while I showered, but I sure never asked him for my Penguins shirt, nor had I even said "Penguins" to him yet this morning. And yet for some reason, while I deliberated, he sensed it necessary to get my jersey from the couch and bring it so that it would be ready as soon as I was out of the shower.

Needless to say, I'm wearing the jersey right now.

One last bit of good karma for the Pens, and then you'll hear from me late tonight once it's all over:

You thought the magic shirt was silly? That the magic double-overtime pizza was just dumb? Folks, it's time for you to meet The Magic Ancho Chili Pork BBQ Burrito! (Tip of the hat to Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy, finder of most cool hockey things you find on here, including videos, dinosaur stories, and other hockey-based amusements)

See you all on the flip-side! Oh, and GO PENS!!!!!!



Pittsburgh Penguins. 2009 Stanley Cup Champions.

I will write much, much more on this for Day One-Fifty-Three. For now, Dave, Tarvis, and Will have some celebratin' to do.

PENS WIN!!!!!!!!