Sunday, June 7, 2009

Day One-Hundred Forty-Seven: Snowball effect

Many elements of this day were either long, frustrating, or exhausting. I started the day on three hours of sleep and then never got too much of a chance to catch up. Did get some things done, however, and really enjoyed the sermon at church this morning. It was (just kidding!) Spent most of the day trying to keep track of Robbie without having sufficient energy to do so efficiently. I fully admit I was not always the force of positive energy I try to be around my family. Also missed the super-awesome birthday party for one of my coworkers this afternoon. Further, I was pretty disappointed with the Tony's overall. The whole show just seemed sort of...blah. Even if some of the acts were very good. Finally, I've been itching to write ALL DAY and haven't had a chance, which is frustrating because this is the first time I've been really ready to go for over a month.


I am writing tonight. For the first time in far too long. And it's fantastic.