Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day One-Hundred Forty-Two: I love lists.

I. Love. Lists.

Seriously. I love making lists, I love categorizing things, I love ranking things, I love classifying things. Do you get the picture? I love lists.

I also love crossing things off of to-do lists. I can't think of many awesome people who don't enjoy this (although I know a few do exist).

I also need lists. Days like today, when I have a lot of things to do and none of them will take much time, I usually have trouble deciding what to start with. For some reason, having it on a list makes it easier for me to get started. Also, it gives me something to cross things off of as I finish them.

THEREFORE, I'm going to make a to-do list for my office work today.

I thought about posting it on here, so that I could just look up at my computer to see what I have to do next, but then I would have nothing to cross out. And really, highlighting text and then selecting the "strikeout" effect is just not the same.

In other news:

--I put Robbie down to bed at about nine o'clock last night. Then, without consciously doing it, I crossed the hallway to my bedroom, brushed my teeth, fell into bed, and slept for nearly ten hours. I swear, I don't remember even deciding to do that. Bumps my average back up to six hours a night over the past few days. Man, do I feel better today!

--Riddle of the Rainbow opens Friday. Sort of.

--I had another "cute things Robbie says" story, but I just posted one of those yesterday, so I think I'll save this one for when I'm having a bit of a dry spell on this blog.

--If I'm feeling this lucid tomorrow, I'll finish up the "Lest I Forget" series. Because a three-part series should never stretch over 100 days.

Series fail.

--Speaking of series fails, the Penguins have game three at home tonight. Needless to say, if the Birds can't pull things out tonight, it's all but over. Big game tonight, boys!

--I still need to look up what time that game starts, now that I think about it.

--I find it highly amusing that Tarvis, Dave, and I's guys night has been interrupted for the summer by Steel Magnolias, of all shows. "Wanna have outgehangen?" "Naw, Tarvis has Steel Magnolias."


All right, off to eat lunch and then make a list.