Thursday, June 3, 2010

v2, d85: Dinosaur Party!!

***Editor's note: I missed yesterday's blogging because I accidentally fell asleep before midnight. Whoops. And I don't feel bad about it, either. Not one bit.*****

Robbie's loving his new 3-year-olds class. The day after everyone left to go back home, he wasn't so crazy about leaving for school. Something about having a family dote on you and acres of dirt to play in for a week will do that to a kid. The last two days, though, he's been ready to go. Even turned off the end of Bob the Builder himself this morning.

Clearly, he just wasn't being challenged enough with the 2-year-olds any more ;-)

Anyway, they have a lot of theme days in this class. Yesterday was Dinosaur Day, and everybody was supposed to bring a dinosaur to class. Kim did some digging and found that we had a small yellow generic bipedal plant-eating dinosaur toy he could take. I have no idea where it came from, but it came in handy yesterday. Apparently Dinosaur Day was a huge hit, and the kid now loves his yellow Genericosaurus. Which means, of course, he lost it as soon as he got home.


Today was "The Letter Y" day. Kids were supposed to bring something that starts with the letter Y. Choices are limited. Robbie took a ball of yellow yarn. Tomorrow is Cheese Day. When I say they have a lot of theme days, I mean they have a LOT of theme days.

Last night was our Second Company performance for The Little Foxes. I'm proud of the work everyone put into the evening, and I think it went over pretty well with all of our paid guests. As always, the Development Cheese was greatly appreciated. (Should have taken some home for Cheese Day, even though I think they're actually eating Cheeto's, not actual cheese)

In other news, I'm reading through the Scott Pilgrim saga and thinking, "Um...maybe I don't actually want to see this movie?" I dunno, maybe the novelty and the quirkies hold stronger in a two-hour format than they do when you try to sit down and read four books in a row. Here's hoping, because the trailers are freakin' awesome.

Finally, I'm glad the Flyers won last night. As much as I want Chicago to win the series, I really want it to go six or seven games. Well played, evil Philly. Well played.