Thursday, June 17, 2010

v2, d98: Igoo


It is not a misspelling of "igloo". Neither is it a reference to the classic Herculoid. It's pronounced "EYE-goo", and last night Robbie kept saying it over and over, then laughing hysterically. (Last night was a 'laughing hysterically' sort of night) I asked him what in the world igoo meant. He balled up a fist and then jammed it into the meaty part of my arm and said, "It means you plug yourself in," then he removed the "plug" and said, "then you take yourself out, and you go upstairs!"

I asked again to make sure I'd heard that correctly. Once again, he balled up a fist and jammed it in my arm. "It means you plug yourself in, then you take yourself out and you go upstairs!" Then, more hysterical laughter.

So we continued to play, Robbie and I and the little crocheted turtle Kim made for him a couple years ago, when out of the blue Robbie started laughing out loud and buried his head in my chest. "I have no idea what igoo means!" He admitted.

Well. There's that, then. You sure had me going, kid.

(P.S. Narnia trailer!)