Tuesday, June 15, 2010

v2, d96: Scattered Showers

Well, today has been fairly discouraging. Alas.

Hey, check this out!

We sent out season ticket renewals last night/this morning, which means 90 minutes of envelope licking yesterday afternoon! Yes, we did have a few of these sponges you can use, but they were all taken, as far as I'm aware. Mmmm, envelope glue!

Also, the Alley Theatre has announced their season. They're opening with Peter Pan. And not the musical Peter Pan, but J.M. Barrie's original script! I'm actually very excited about this. Barrie's script is probably the most imaginative rendition of the story ever written, and there are some things that I just can't visualize being staged without modern Broadway-type technology and budget. (Which, of course, the Alley has, but I would really have loved to see how they accomplished this back in the 1800s or whenever)

Okey-doke, it's suddenly raining (again) really hard, and I suddenly have stuff to get done this afternoon, so I'm signing off. Ciao!