Thursday, June 10, 2010

v2, d91: Montage

Our guest blogger has been put off for a day. She hasn't got access to a computer since she decided to drive from Metro Valley, IA to Chicago for tomorrow morning's victory parade.

So for filler, I'm going to share what is quickly becoming one of my favorite traditions of the last game of the Stanley Cup Final: CBC's playoffs montage! Last year was the first time I caught it (thanks, the Internet!) and it was perfect. This year is pretty spot on as well. Behold, the action, the people, the emotion, the heartbreak, and the victory of the past two four minutes!

Some thoughts:

0:46 Is that actually the entrance to the Kings' locker room? I don't know how long I could take that seriously if I were a player. (This, on the other hand, is awesome, proving that it's a fine line between awesome and miniature golf course-quality)

0:52 Holy crap. Possibly the coolest pregame thing I've ever seen.

1:11 I don't know what sort of outfit that is on the hanger beside Michael Leighton, but it is without a doubt the antithesis of manly.

1:26 Wow.

1:38 Somewhat unrelated, but I just want to point out that Buffalo's Tyler Myers (the guy with his back to us) is from Katy, Texas, originally.

1:44 Easily the high point of the Avs brief post-season. (And it seems like it was so stinking long ago; has it only been six weeks?)

1:49 Awesome Crosby goal leads to poor Sens fan kid. We feel bad, but not as bad as we feel for...

2:01 Sad Avs fan kid! All together now: Awwwwww!!! (Really nice brief moment in the handshake between Foote and Blake, by the way, if you're an Avs fan of, oh, the last 10 years)

2:20 Best goal-scoring celebration of the montage. And the playoffs, for that matter.

2:32 We could have a 4-minute montage of this, and I'd probably watch it a couple of times.

2:38 Seriously! How is that "Buff-glen"???

2:42 That's just wrong.

2:47 Finally! A happy kid! Cute kid, too.

3:06 Play of the playoffs. Period.

3:30 Ha! They even fit the Chris Pronger/PuckGate controversy in here! Love it!

3:31 And, another happy cute kid!

3:38 BOOM, Pronger!

3:42 Buff-glen! How??????

That was kind of an awesome song.